Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just cute...

Just a cute picture.

Kolten is growing and changing so fast.


The girls are doing so great swimming around, here is a cute little video.

Date night with Mommy & Daddy

Kambryn got to go on a special "date" with just Mommy & Daddy the other night. Kolten was left with grandparents and off we went to Peter Piper Pizza. Kambryn is obviously not old enough to really play the games but she enjoys putting the "money" in the machines. Here are a few pictures of our outing. Also when we walked out to go home Kambryn sweetly looked up and Kyle and said "We go get Kolten now and go home", she is such a good big sister.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Fun!

I took Kambryn swimming today and she had a blast. As you can see she is not afraid of the water and is doing awesome using her floaties to swim around the pool. The only problem that we are having is that she is afraid of the pool vacuum. Everytime that the pool vac gets near her she paddles frantically towards the steps and says "That dragon gonna get me". Maybe this is because my sister Haley told her is was a dragon! Thanks Haley (ha ha ha). Here are a few pictures of the girls in the pool.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A baby and a big girl....

It has been mentioned that I have not posted any new pictures here they are. One of Kolten at 5 weeks, Kambryn being silly and Allie and Kolten together.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Things change with two kids...

Kolten is almost four weeks old and I have already noticed a few major changes in our lives.

#1) I have a hard time doing simple things like checking email, paying bills, cleaning the house or even answering the phone.....
#2) Going to the bathroom is now a family event, I have to take all of the kids into the bathroom in order to make sure everyone is safe and not getting into things they are not supposed to or trying to "help" with their little brother.....
#3) The house is in a constant state of chaos and clutter.... (and for those of you that know me it is driving me crazy but again who has time to clean)
#4) It is very, very hard to divide your time between the kids (& husband) and give everyone what they need....

Would I trade any of this, of course not but it is a big change from what we are used to. I know that things will get back to some sense of normal at some point but that time just seems so far away.