Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Fancy Dinner

Kambryn came to me around 4:30 Thursday afternoon and said "I have a great idea", now of course the is a phrase she uses often and I never know what might follow but on this occassion it was really sweet. She told me that she wanted to have a "Fancy Dinner" which to her means that we eat in the formal dining room. So I thought for a moment and realized that there was no good reason not to eat in the formal dining room and I even took it a little further and got out my crystal and china for us to use. So I finished preparing dinner and I allowed Kambryn to set the table with the crystal glasses and her great-grandma Nanny Betty's china and we were just about set. She of course needed to bring her baby to eat with us so we moved the baby highchair in from the playroom and had a wondreful time. I put on Christmas music and turned on all the Christmas lights in the house and the kids both loved it. I just love that my little girl thinks outside of the box and loves to change things up. She did approach me the next night and say that she wanted another fancy dinner but I told her we might need to wait a little before we do it again, maybe we can make it a weekly tradition.