Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reminiscing about Santa.....

December 2007

December 2008

December 2009

December 2010

December 2011
I get a little sad each year when I pull out the Santa pictures and see how quickly the kids are changing and growing. I remember each Santa experience just as if they were yesterday. Hope you enjoy our little trip down memory lane.

OU vs. Iowa State

I know that I am way behind on blogging so I am going to do my best to catch everyone up on what the Morris Crew has been up to the past few months. One of the most exciting things that Kambryn got to do was go to Norman with mommy and daddy for an OU game over Thanksgiving. This was a last minute opportunity and we of course jumped at the chance to see our beloved Sooners play! We did however decide to leave Kolten with Ganny & BawPaw, we just didn't think that he would be able to tolerate the long game, cold weather and having to stay in one place for any length of time. We however did not expect the weather to change the night before the came and become a crazy cold day with a stinging rain and 40 mph winds. All in all we had a great time, Kambryn was able to talk with the cheerleaders, mascots and see the Schooner and horses upclose, she loves watching the Pride of Oklahoma (the band) and the halftime show. We did however leave at halftime because it was so cold but I don't think anyone had more fun than our Little Sooner!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kyle may divorce me but.....

it is just to cute of a picture not to post! Kambryn and Kolten were playing so sweetly together in the playroom and I was getting so many things done around the house (laundry, organizing cleaning, ect.) but I may need to monitor more closely next time. Kolten was so proud of the dress that he had on he kept saying "Me a princess" and all I could do was just laugh as he twirled like Kambryn and smiled from ear to ear. I think some policeman and fireman costumes will be on the Christmas list this year :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pre-K here we come...

I can't believe that Kambryn started Pre-K this year! Seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with her, she was just beginning to talk, just beginning to walk and then BAM...we are in know what that means - Kindergarten is just a blink away. I look back at Kambryn last year on the first day of school and she looks like such a baby compared to this year, what a difference another year will make.

First day of Pre-K September 2011

First day of preschool September 2010

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Meet the Sooners Day 2011

Best picture I could get of the back of Kolten's shirt, I didn't get Kambryn's at all!

Sweet Kolten getting his autographed helmet back from the players

Kambryn with a few of the OU cheerleaders

This weekend was the annual Meet the Sooners Day in Norman at OU. We have gone for 3 years now and have really enjoyed it. We have stayed at a different hotel each year but I think this year we have found the one we will stay at from now on. We stayed at the Sooner Legends and as you can imagine by the name every room was decorated with Sooner memoribilia but that isn't why we loved it so much. We have learned over the past few vacations we have taken this summer it is best to have a few things in a hotel for us to survive 1) mini kitchen with microwave and fridge 2) make sure it is a suite with a few rooms. This hotel also had the added bonus of having 50" flat screens in the rooms and dvd players, a bonus but not a requirment for the Morris Crew. They also gave us a couple of free passed to the breakfast buffet in the restuarant downstairs and I have to say it was not to shabby, we were all full and happy when we left.

This year they did make some major changes and I was not sure how it would all work out. In the past the Meet the Sooners Day had been open to anyone who wanted to come. Sooner Kids Club members (like us) got in 45 minutes before the general public. This year only kids 14 years and under would be admitted with one parent per child, this was not a problem for us (obviously). Also the past few years they had been set up on the Rugby feilds, this year we were set up under the Oklahoma Memorial Stadium (which was great with the fans and shade) and the team and coaches were divided between the east and west grandstands. They had offense and assistant coaches on the east end and defense, special teams and Head Coach Bob Stoops on the west end. All of the above changes actually worked out great! In the past the way it was set up it was crazy and thousands of people would come and it was a little overwhelming at times. This year it was very calm and organized, with the limited admitance no one was having to run around like crazy people to get autographs, pictures, ect. Here are just a few shots from our weekend. Boomer Sooner!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dog lovers...

Kyle and I have been talking for about a year now about when to get our first family pet. We started with some fish for Kambryn last year and she has done great taking care of them. Kolten is even getting in on the action and beginning to take care of things around the house. Our wonderful babysitter has a sweet cocker spaniel named Prissy and both kids love her to death. This past weekend our friend Joe came over and brought his puppy Chicco, he was so sweet with the kids and they absolutely adored him. I think we are going to have to get serious about getting a family dog, of course Kambryn has already been telling people the dog will be a girl and her name will be Bella, oh boy! We will see what happens.....

Saturday, July 9, 2011

another project

I love going to garage sales and finding little treasures that I can change and repurpose in our house. Our find on Friday morning was this great mirror, they only asked $5.00 for it, crazy cheap! When Kolten went down for his nap, Kambryn and I got busy deciding where we wanted to hang it and then what color to use to paint it. We ultimately decided to put it in Kambryn's room instead of the playroom. It will serve two purposed there, one for her to see herself in the mornings when she gets ready and also to serve as a dress up mirror when she is playing. Here are just a few pictures of our project and how it turned out.

Friday, July 1, 2011

for sweet Adalyn on her 1st birthday

Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet niece Adalyn! We love you very much, Happy Birthday

The 4-pack a year ago.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some people "plowed" on by for a party...

Our boy is ready for his party

Loving his dairy free cupcake

Quick picture with mommy & daddy....eating his second cupcake!

Opening all the awesome presents...notice the back of his shirt, so cute with his name and John Deere logo at the bottom

Checking out the slip n slide

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our little "Deere" is 2!

just a few hours old

3 months

1 year

18 months

2 years

I can't believe that my baby boy is 2 years old. I was remembering the events leading up to his birth over the weekend since we had been at the zoo and it was a little like deja vu. We had taken Kambryn and Allie to the zoo with my sister and brother in law and all the time been joking that hopefully I wouldn't go into labor while we were there, that was Saturday. By the time we got home I was so uncomfortable and swollen but happy that the family had a good time. I went to work on Monday and waddled through the day, I had my 37 week check up Tuesday morning and the doctor was concerned that my blood pressure was elevated and send me to the hospital. Of course when given the option to stay in the hospital until I went into labor or go home on bed rest, I chose to go home. By making the decision to go home they wanted me to save all urine for the next 24 hours and bring it back to the lab within 36 hours. This was very interesting, the part about how to save it but we wont go into that one. Took that "sample" back to the doctor and wouldn't you know it, they diagnosed me with pre-eclampsia and ordered Kyle and I to head to the hospital. Knowing that I would be induced when I go there I made Kyle go through a drive though and get me some food. Got to the hospital, induction was started and our beautiful, pouty boy was here 12 hours later. It seems like just yesterday, I can remember every detail and moment and yet it has been two years.

Kolten you love to play with your sister or any other child for that matter. You have really come out of your shell in that last 6 months and have become a chatty Cathy like Kambryn. You love anything Toy Story, involving trucks or tractors and looking for bugs with your sister. Kolten you are such a sweet and loving boy, you adore your sister and want to do everything she is doing, you love to follow daddy around and help with big boy tasks and of course you are still a momma's boy and I just love that about you. Happy birthday big boy!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Zoo trips - part 3

Our zoo trip today was awesome! Both kids are at the age where they love animals and love to see new things. They really enjoyed all the hands on activities at the zoo this year, of course it was hot today so alot of the animals weren't out but it didn't slow us down any. Here is a brief summary through pictures of our day, hope you enjoy.

Kolten, Daddy & Kambryn on the carousel, this is Kam's favorite part of the zoo

Just a quick picture with mommy, can you tell Kolten is saying "cheese"

They loved the turtles, these two where biting and fighting with each other

Both of the kids where very concerned that the turtles were fighting, Kolten told them "no bite"

Laughing at daddy pushing the safari jeep really fast

Kambryn "riding" the big elephant

Kambryn & daddy feeding the giraffe

Kolten and mommy feeding the giraffe, he LOVED this!

just a sweet picture of them watching the elephants

Zoo trips - part 2

One of the few pictures from our 2009 zoo trip, I guess this is Kolten's first zoo experience. The running joke in our house is "can you locate the elephant?". I stand by the fact that I was 37 weeks pregnant and it was very hot and I was very swollen, I had Kolten 6 days later.

Kambryn and Kolten June 2010 on the baby elephant

Kolten June 2011 on the same baby elephant you see the running theme in this post!?!?

Zoo Trip - part 1

June 2008 - 14 months

Yes, I realize there is not a picture on the turtle from 2009, that was because I was huge and pregnant with Kolten (I delivered him 6 days after our zoo trip) and I must have forgotten :)

June 2010 - Kambryn & Allie 2 years, Kolten 1 year

June 2011 - Kambryn 4 years, Kolten almost 2 years

I think I am going to post three seperate blogs about the zoo, there is just alot of things running through my mind as I think about our zoo trip today and also trips in the past. For all that follow my blog, I am making three entries for simplicity.

First is a quick look back at zoo trips with Kambryn over the years, we always take her picture on the large turtle and it has now become a tradition. It is really neat to see how much she has grown from year to year.