Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break Re-cap...

We had a great spring break this past are some of the things were did this past week.

1. Mommy deep cleaned the kitchen, for us this means cleaning behind appliances, on top of the refrigerator, ect
2. Organized and dropped of all of our items to be consigned with Divine Consign
3. Played at the park (many times)
4. Rode bikes and scooters almost daily
5. Went to T-ball practice.
6. Watched movies and ate popcorn in mommy & daddy's bed (this is a special treat)
7. Had playdates with friends and sleep overs with cousins
8. Slept late almost every day and stayed in our pj's sometimes all day.
9. Played board games, card games, dominos, ect.
10. Helped Ganny & BawPaw put together their new swingset...the kids struggled to wait until it was finished to try it out.

As you can see from the brief list above not many of the tasks that we completed were very driven by mommy or daddy, the kids were definetly in charge this past week.

For the Morris Crew this was a relaxing, stress free and wonderful spring break. We love getting to stay home and have nothing on the calendar that we are committed to or scheduled to do. Today was back to reality for everyone, mommy went back to work, the kids back to school/babysitter but then life threw us a curve ball. Took Kambryn to the doctor because she had been saying her tummy hurt for the past 5 days, and yes we are the lucky winners of another "extremely positive" case of strep (per the doctors words). Not only was Kambryn positive but Kolten was also, ugh. Hopefully our week will look up in the next few days, on the bright side mommy gets to stay home tomorrow with two Morris monkey's for another day of fun.