Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A treasured gift....

A few weeks ago at Kolten's 1st birthday party my Dad gave Kolten a very special present. I have been sitting over the past few weeks trying to decide if I wanted to blog about this present and what it really means to me. This past weekend my dad had a minor health crisis and ultimately had a pacemaker placed on Monday so I decided to go ahead and write about Kolten's gift.

As most people know my Dad was "blessed" with four daughters, he was the best dress ironing, bow tying, hair fixing, lunch packing, meal preparing dad around. So last year when I found out that I was having a baby boy he was thrilled. Finally there would be some testosterone in the family! He of course doesn't favor any one grandchild over the other but I know that he is thrilled to have a boy in the mix.

So at the party, after all the presents had been opened and cake had been devoured by Dad quietly approached Kyle and I in the kitchen and said that he had a gift for Kolten that we would need to put up until he was older. This is a special object that he has had since 1971 and was holding onto, he said he would give it to his first grandson. When my dad was stationed overseas in Hawaii during Vietnam he was working in the Vet Clinic. Apparently his OIC (Officer in Charge) Dr. Jerry Bell had given him a Case knife. It is hard to believe that someone would hold onto something so simple for 39 years. Apparently when my dad began preparing to give Kolten the knife he sent it off to the Case manufacturer to have new blades placed because one had completely broken off and the other was extremely wore from use and sharpening. Case send the knife back with a letter stating they did not fix and replace blades but they would give him a brand new knife that looks exactly the same. So know Kolten has two sitting on a shelf in his room, one that is brand new and one that was carried by his Pawpaw for 39 years.

I know that for most people this simple treasure is not much but for me it really is special. Check out the pictures!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Buckaroo Birthday Party

Our little buckaroo had his birthday party yesterday. He had a great time and got lots of cool new toys. The only problem we are having now is that Kambryn wants to play with all of his new stuff and isn't letting him get to much of it. Typical big sister! Her are a few pictures from our day. Thanks to all our wonderful family and friends for sharing this special time with us.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kolten is 1 year old...

I can't believe that it has been an entire year since our sweet Kolten was born. It seems like this first year has flown by! I remember back in those early days that I never thought we would make it to this point. We made it through the horrible reflux, not sleeping, then only sleeping on my chest, to sleeping in our bed and finally now sleeping in his own bed. Once we got the reflux under control we learned that he is a really laid back baby, almost to laid back sometimes. He finally started crawling and is all over the house now. He is the little man of many faces and always makes us laugh. He is also our "Human Hoover" because he eats anything and everything in sight or off the floor. He actually has lots of nicknames "Bubba, monkey, Kolt", I am really not sure how these all came about. Here are a few pictures from Kolten on his birth day and today on his 1st birthday. Happy Birthday Kolten!!