Monday, September 28, 2009

then you have a bossy big sister

In this little video Kambryn is telling Kolten "you can do it, you can open your mouth and laugh"

Typical big sister

Kambryn is a typical big sister, she loves to try to make Kolten laugh and try to hold him. She honks his nose, gets his piggy toes and of couse tries to push his belly. We have to keep our eyes on her at all times.

New Pictures

We had a friend take some pictures on Saturday, they turned out GREAT! Our friend Amber is an aspiring photographer and I think she will be very busy soon, she does a great job. Check out just a few of the pictures.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Kids!

Now that we have Kolten's reflux under control, we are snapping pictures like crazy. He has the cutest smile and those dimples are just to die for. Of course Kambryn never turns down a photo op!