Sunday, March 14, 2010

9 months old....

Our little boy is getting so big, can't believe that he is 9 months old. I also can't believe that I have started planning his 1st birthday party, wow how time flies. Lets see what Kolten has been up to....

  • 9 month well check stats: 18 lbs and 28 inches long

  • says mama and dada

  • grunts loudly to get our attention (our little caveman)

  • army crawling (but trying very hard to crawl on all fours)

  • loves his solid food and starting to try to eat some finger foods

  • pulls on his sisters hair to get her out of his face :)

  • getting better about playing independently with his toys

  • becoming more curious and exploring more

  • loves to be outside - swinging, playing with bubbles or just sitting in the grass

Monday, March 8, 2010

getting into lipstick...

Well we have had a busy few weeks and I have really fallen behind on my blogging. This post will mostly be about Kambryn (Kolten will get his own post later). I am learning more and more everyday that Kambryn is very much like Kyle (for those of you that know Kyle well you know what I am talking about). She is always pushing the limits with what she can and can't do and is also learning that she can try to "reason" with me. She has an explaination for everything and is so serious when she gives you the reason she did something. This video is a perfect example of Kambryn getting into something that she shouldn't but she feels like it was fine because she is a big girl.