Sunday, May 20, 2012

Last day of school

We had a lot of milestones this past week, our first season of t-ball ended, we had our last TOT performance, we had our last day of Pre-K, we registered for Kindergarten and we graduated from Pre-K. It is enough to make a parents head spin when they realize that they don't really have a "baby" anymore. I love first day/last day pictures because you can really see how many changes a child has made and how much they have grown. Over the school year Kambryn gained 5 pounds and grew an impressive 4 inches and that was just from September to May!

Turning 5.....

Turning 5 was a big milestone in Kambryn's eyes. She woke up on the morning of her birthday and sadly came around the corner with her head held down. I excitedly said "Happy Birthday" and gave her a big hug, when she didnt really perk up I asked her what was wrong and she stated in a very serious tone "I looked in the mirror this morning and I dont look any different,am I already 5 or does that happen later today". I had to fight back a chuckle and a grin when I told her that "yes" she was already 5 but just in case I took a long look into her eyes and I told her those where definetly the eyes of a 5 year old! She was so excited once she thought that she looked different and finally looked 5! We had Kambryn's birthday party at Walls of Clay in McKinney and everyone had a blast! Oh sweet Kambryn, you are such a funny, smart and entertaining girl, I hope that never changes.