Sunday, August 7, 2011

Meet the Sooners Day 2011

Best picture I could get of the back of Kolten's shirt, I didn't get Kambryn's at all!

Sweet Kolten getting his autographed helmet back from the players

Kambryn with a few of the OU cheerleaders

This weekend was the annual Meet the Sooners Day in Norman at OU. We have gone for 3 years now and have really enjoyed it. We have stayed at a different hotel each year but I think this year we have found the one we will stay at from now on. We stayed at the Sooner Legends and as you can imagine by the name every room was decorated with Sooner memoribilia but that isn't why we loved it so much. We have learned over the past few vacations we have taken this summer it is best to have a few things in a hotel for us to survive 1) mini kitchen with microwave and fridge 2) make sure it is a suite with a few rooms. This hotel also had the added bonus of having 50" flat screens in the rooms and dvd players, a bonus but not a requirment for the Morris Crew. They also gave us a couple of free passed to the breakfast buffet in the restuarant downstairs and I have to say it was not to shabby, we were all full and happy when we left.

This year they did make some major changes and I was not sure how it would all work out. In the past the Meet the Sooners Day had been open to anyone who wanted to come. Sooner Kids Club members (like us) got in 45 minutes before the general public. This year only kids 14 years and under would be admitted with one parent per child, this was not a problem for us (obviously). Also the past few years they had been set up on the Rugby feilds, this year we were set up under the Oklahoma Memorial Stadium (which was great with the fans and shade) and the team and coaches were divided between the east and west grandstands. They had offense and assistant coaches on the east end and defense, special teams and Head Coach Bob Stoops on the west end. All of the above changes actually worked out great! In the past the way it was set up it was crazy and thousands of people would come and it was a little overwhelming at times. This year it was very calm and organized, with the limited admitance no one was having to run around like crazy people to get autographs, pictures, ect. Here are just a few shots from our weekend. Boomer Sooner!