Sunday, March 27, 2011


I always find it funny when one of my kids gets attached to a new toy, object or item and begins taking it everywhere with us. Kambryn doesn't do this often and when she does it only last a few hours or a few days. Kolten on the other hands is overly loyal to his obsessions. He of course first and formost has his "bebe" and it is like a second skin for him, we can't leave the house without it and we definetly can't sleep without it. Our new obsession is Woody, Bullseye and Buzz Lightyear. Kolten got Buzz last Christmas but Woody and Bullseye were given to him by my sister. Woody and Bullseye are the original dolls from the release of Toy Story back in 1995. I can confidently say that neither of these toys was ever loved, played with or taken along nearly as much by my sister as Kolten does with them today. He will play for hours with these three and they are usually in the car with us daily (although I try to leave them in the car when we are out for fear of loosing them). Kolten won't let you forget Woody's hat, it it falls of he will hold his hands up and shrug while saying "Oody hat?", it really is sweet. So of course this leads me to the picture above and the nightly ritual that we have now been doing for about 2 months. Kolten has a Twilight Turtle that shines stars on his ceiling and a light baby (glow worm) that plays music. Each night at I lay him down he starts with list of requests:

  • "Tars", I turn on the Twilight Turtle and stars

  • "Ight baby", I press the glow worm to turn it on.

  • "Buzz Igh ear", I place Buzz in the corner by his pillow pet

  • "Ooz Eye", I place Bullseye beside his pillow pet

  • "Oody", I place Woody right beside Kolten in the bed.

He usually then rolls over with his "Bebe" and loves on all of his Toy Story characters. I ultimatly sneak back into his room a few hours after he goes to sleep and remove everyone so that he actually has room to sleep, as you can see above, the bed is getting a little crowded.