Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Aunt Kiki!!!

I had this video ready to be posted on my sister's birthday (the 27th) and I am just now posting it, sorry for the delay.....hope you like the kids attempt to sing Happy Birthday.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas 2010.....

Well, I know that it is mid January and I am just now posting a blog about Christmas but it just seems to have been crazy for us this year. Kambryn had her first Christmas Pageant at preschool and did great. I was a little sceptical if she would stand up in from of everyone and sing but of course out little ham was a rock start and belted out all of the rehearsed songs in all of their glory.

Christmas Eve we spent with my family and of course everyone was in heaven with all of the new toys. Kolten opened a few big trucks and a tool box and spent the rest of the evening in the middle of the chaos "repairing" his trucks with his tools and was completely oblivious to everything else around him. Kambryn got about 6 dress up dresses and she and Allie both proceeded to try each one on and model for everyone, they are really in their element when they are playing dress up.

Christmas morning was an early morning for us, Kambryn had gotten up to go the the bathroom at 5:30 and was walking to our room when she saw everything that Santa had left. She came running into our room and was so excited, she woke up Daddy and said "Santa came and he left us PILLOW PETS!!!, I think I saw a train too!" We then tried to get her to lay down and watch a few TV shows (because she wasn't going back to sleep) since we didn't want to wake Kolten up and we weren't going to let her start without him. So finally around 6:30 we heard Kolten start moving around and we were able to get started. This year was especially fun because both of the kids understood what was going on and loved seeing all of the new toys.

Christmas Day was spent with Kyle's parents and of course the fun continued because both of the kids got little four wheelers. The both quickly jumped on them and started navigating around as fast as they could. Lots more new toys like an aquadoodle, iXL video game, trucks, trains, and tons more that I won't even mention. I do have to say that I totally forgot to bring my camera and no one took pictures this year. That seems to be the running theme for us, I do have some pictures but over that 24-48 hour period my picture taking was on a steady decline.

Of course what happens when you get all of these new toys and need places to put them.....mommy gets to reorganized and go shopping at Ikea!!! Yay for me!!! Kyle was less than pleased to have to put together more new items, especially large furniture but he handled it like a trooper and we only had one major fight while we were putting everything together and moving furniture around the house. I am so pleased with how everything is organized now and the kids are actually able to keep everything picked up with minimal help. Here are a few pictures from our holidays.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

a parrot in the house....

The other night I was in Kolten's room with him changing his diaper when I realized I needed something from the other room, I quickly called for Kyle and then waited for him to come into the room. As I was waiting our parrot, aka Kolten began yelling "Kyle", it was so funny and he used such a firm tone with it I almost wet my pants. A few days later Kyle and Kambryn were both gone so I grabed the camera and tried to capture some of the funny things that Kolten says on film.