Saturday, February 25, 2012

updates with the Morris Crew....

Well we totally fell of the blogging radar for a few months didn't we! I will try to catch everyone up on the past few months in pictures. Of course the kids had a great Christmas and have enjoyed playing with lots of new toys, the best thing we got this year was each kid got a Leap Pad. They are wonderful to use when we are in the car or waiting in restarants or at doctors appointments, best thing is that I have gotten my phone back since they have something of their own to play on.

Kambryn had two seperate TOT performances, one at the Dr. Pepper center in Frisco during the halftime show of the Texas Legends game and one at McKinney Boyd High School. She did great at both performances and has really got some basketball skills.

Late in December, right before Christmas Kambryn got a nasty double ear infection, she hasn't had one since her second set of tubes where placed in February 2010 so as I suspected her tubes had fallen out. We went in to see our loving and wonderful ENT Dr. Mehendale, he was really hoping that this was just a one time fluke and she would be fine without another set. So 10 days of antibiotics and a two week check up resulted in no infection but still lots of fluid. Less that two weeks later she was back at the office with another double ear infection and her 7th case of strep throat in the last year. As you can imagine Dr. Mehendale recommended we remove her tonsils and since he was already going in for that procedure he would also put in another set of tubes at the same time. We were warned that the recovery is hard but the key was to keep her hydrated. So off to Centennial Surgery Center we went on February 7th for her procedures. I have to say I was a little taken back when she came home from the surgery center and had pizza for lunch, a bowl of soup, yogurt and ice cream. I hesitated to let myself think that her recovery might be easy....think again. She actually did great the first 5 days, then day 6 hit! She would wake up screaming and would be is hysterics for what seemed like forever before we could get her calmed down to drink something and take another round of meds. We kept her medicated every three hours around the clock but it really didn't matter from day 6-10 because she was in so much pain. Once we had those nasty scabs come off she turned a corner and has been back to her old self, actually better...she is sleeping better, eating better than ever before and trying new things all the time.
Before surgery, happy on silly juice

After surgery, not a happy girl at all

Finally resting at home
The rest of February has been pretty uneventful, Valentines Day came and went as it usually does around our house. Both of the kids had a dentist appointment this past Friday for their regular check up and cleaning. Kambryn does ok at the dentist, it is not something she particularly enjoys but she is a big brave girl and sits in the chair on her own without mommy holding her hand anymore. Kolten is a different story, but isnt he always! He hates going to the dentist, he hates having his teeth brushed at home and I haven't even tried to floss his teeth at this stage of the game.
My big girl getting her teeth cleaned

Showing off those pretty teeth after her cleaning

Kolten was proud of his pearly whites also

I think that catches you up on most of what has happend in January and February, nothing to exciting or crazy but that's ok with us. Coming up you can expect posts from Spring Break and also birthday planning starts for the Morris kids, the big 5 is right around the corner for Kambryn and Kolten will be 3 just a few months later, man how time flies by!

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